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July 18, 2017

NDF & ADF in Nutrition

The levels of NDF & ADF are critical due to its impact on animals’ digestion, energy levels, performance and productivity.

NDF- Neutral Detergent Fibre – it is the structural component of the plant, therefore predicts intake. NDF values increase as the Forage matures. The higher NDF, less forage can be consumed by animals. You would want to choose forages with lower NDF. However, too low NDF level might cause stomach upsets.

ADF- Acid Detergent Fibre – The least digestible plant components by livestock. The lower ADF levels, the higher digestible energy.

Knowing forage quality will bring success to your Agricultural business!

June 14, 2017

Water Testing

The market is HOT right now for Buying / Selling homes!

When considering buying a house in rural areas, you’ll find that all wells and water systems are different. A water test is required for bacteria and water quality for Minerals & hardness is also recommended.

Once you’ve purchased your home, it’s important to perform regular testing on your well water. Seasonal or annual testing is a good idea.

We can walk you through the process by providing you the containers, instructions on collecting water sample and we have variety of packages to choose from.

May 4, 2017

Compost/ Manure Testing

Compost can be used as natural fertilizer for plant nutrient needs. It’s common for farmers to use manure as part of their compost.

There are two things to consider when applying application on Agriculture fields: Testing the compost, the manure or the combination of both, as well as testing the soil after was applied with application.

We’ve created packages that  provide you with the important elements to look for in a compost / manure sample.

Apr 10, 2017

Fertilizer Testing

Central Testing Laboratory has been offering fertilizer testing for many years.  More and more producers are checking the quality of the fertilizer they use.  It is an important and expensive input.

As weather, soil conditions and diseases change it is putting more stress on Agriculture production. In order to feed the growing population and  maintaining the soil fertility, farmers use fertilizers. Fertilizers mostly contain Nitrogen, Phosphorus & Potassium. They make plants healthy, stronger, assisting their development & growth. Before applying Fertilizer, it’s important to know the right timing and the proper concentration. Contact us for Fertilizer testing, we can analyze dry or liquid, also all types of manure and composts.

Mar 07, 2017

Gluten- Allergen Testing

What? Gluten is a mix of two proteins: Gliadin and Glutenin. Gluten is mostly found in Wheat, Barley and Rye.

Why? Gluten sensitivity affects individuals & causes digestive disorders.

We use R – Biopharm  testing Kit for Gluten allergen test on food products, such as: Soy, Millet, Quinoa, Buckwheat, Chocolate, Coffee, Cocoa, Huzelnut, Spices, Chestnut flour, Meat & Sausage

Feb 02, 2017

Falling Number

What? This test measures the Alpha-Amalyse level in grain samples (mostly Wheat, Rye and Barley). The enzyme breaks down Starches in the seed, while reducing grain’s quality. Wet harvest may cause high activity of Alpha- Amalyse which leads to poor quality of flour.

Why? The importance of testing falling number is mainly for baking and milling purposes. If grain does not meet certain level of falling number, the grain is discounted or rejected for milling and downgraded to Livestock feed.

Jan 24, 2017

Congratulations to Glenn from Pipestone, MB! He is the winner of a $100 gift certificate from our draw at the 2017 Ag Days in Brandon!

Nov 02, 2016

It’s Here!

We have a new water quality guideline fact sheet, please find the link http://www.ctl.mb.ca/servicesanalysis/water-packages/

At CTL we are committed to continuous improvement & simplify your business with us!

Aug 31, 2016

Hey are you selling your hay?

So far forage quality has been very poor,  We are seeing about a 10 point drop in Relative Feed Value.  RFV is a good way to measure hay on how good or bad it is.  Here is the calculation: DDM = Digestible Dry Matter = 88.9 – (0.779 x % ADF) DMI = Dry Matter Intake (% of BW) = 120 / ( % NDF ) RFV = (DDM x DMI) / 1.29.  A RFV of 100 is equal to Alfalfa that has 41% ADF and 53% NDF.  When buying or selling hay, it is very important to get it tested.  As a seller, you can be losing money selling a superior product at a lower price.  As a buyer you can easily over pay for poor quality.  Prices are currently between 2 to 8 cents per pound looking at the MB Agriculture hay listing site (https://web31.gov.mb.ca/HayListClntExtrnl/Search).  Only a select few offer a feed analysis of their hay.  In a buyers market, having a feed analysis done could mean the difference between selling or sitting on your inventory.   For livestock producers, When developing your rations, RFV is not what you want to use, Protein and TDN are the main parameters you should focus on.  We offer a full range of forage testing options, please refer to our site at  http://www.ctl.mb.ca/servicesanalysis/forage-packages/ or http://www.ctl.mb.ca/servicesanalysis/forage-packages-by-nir-near-infrared-spectroscopy/

Aug 15, 2016

Have you tested your cereals for vomitoxin yet? If not this is definitely the year to test. Growing conditions were ideal for fusarium this year, especially in Barley and spring wheat.   There has been a good run of years that levels have been low or manageable. A combination of weather, new varieties and fungicides  have proven good till this 2016 crop.   If you are a livestock producer, be careful, high DON levels will effect your production and profitability. For Grain producers it is important to know your grain quality so that you can market your crop to the best market. If your vomitoxin is high you don’t want to sell in a market that will reject your grain and cause problems.  If you were fortunate enough produce good quality, you should get paid for it, that is why testing before you sell is so important.