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Commercial pet food vs. Homemade pet food

June 28, 2018

Commercial pet food vs. Homemade pet food

People become more and more aware on the importance of pet food analysis. Pet owners ask; Is the pet food safe enough? Is the pet food healthy enough? One of the most common questions asked is- Should I feed my pet with commercial pet food or with homemade pet food and what are the risks associated?

Shortly after we adopt a new pet, It becomes one of our family members. For some people, their pet is their whole life. Therefore, this is our responsibility to treat them appropriately. Our pet’s food is one of the most important aspects in pet’s healthy lifestyle.

Since all pets are different, commercial pet food may not fit to all pets. Some pets may be sensitive to certain ingredients. Pet food effects on pet’s activity level and lifestyle, and should be chosen based on pet’s age, medical history and breed.  Cats and dogs have different requirements and it’s always a good idea to consult your veterinarian on your pet’s diet. Veterinarian can advise you on certain commercial pet food product for your pet, on product’s recall history and your pet’s dietary needs. When there is a health concern, you may send the pet food sample to the lab for testing.  We can offer many different tests to narrow down the root cause of the problem, we suggest you talk to your vet about the symptoms, so that we can narrow down the right test for you.  Some of the things we can test for are: Moisture, Protein, Fat, Fibre, Minerals, Starch, Sugar, Heavy metals, Mycotoxins, Mold, Pathogens and Allergens like Gluten.

Homemade pet food can accommodate your pet’s nutritional needs. Homemade pet food has many benefits, as you can control what your pet is eating.  You must be careful in choosing the raw materials and how you handle and store them.

We are proud to offer Pet Food Analysis. We have designed pet food packages according to customer’s needs. We can provide additional services and testing for pet food analysis, upon request. We have been working with the largest pet food manufacturers in Canada. Reach to us today to get a quote, or to customize a package for you.