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Testing Grain and Forage as Marketing Tool

September 20, 2018

Testing Grain and Forage as Marketing Tool

We are finding a mix of quality occurring in all samples. What are the important things to do in order to have a profitable business?

You need to know the cost of your production and your crop’s quality.  In order for you to have a strong marketing plan, knowing what you have to sell, will help you determine how to price your crop, and how to valuate it. Testing your inventory for nutritional analysis, diseases and grade will increase your sales potential.

You need to know who is your target market. Is it food? Is it suitable for hogs?  Would a high production Dairy buy this?  How does it compare with other options?  Once you know that you need to provide them with the right quality parameters. Each sector in the industry has its needs and requirements.

Testing is critical for both; sellers and buyers. Buyers are willing to pay for the quality they are seeking for. Testing your grain for marketing purposes is a real investment, and we are here for you to help you with that!