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Central Testing Laboratory

Our area of expertise includes the analyses for allergens, mold ID, mycotoxins, proximates, pathogens and water quality.



Central Testing Lab. Ltd. Is a reliable laboratory provides over than 90 years of quality service and results for the Agricultural industry.  Our area of expertise includes analyzing feed samples, such as; Grain, Forage, Ration, Oil seeds and Supplements, Food samples such as; Dairy products, Meat & Fish products, Bread and Water samples.


Core Values:

  • Delivering value to our customers along with satisfaction
  • Continuous improvement to achieve efficiency and accuracy
  • Maintaining safety, internal controls and employee involvement to reinforce standard operating procedures


Analyze feed and water samples to ensure animal health

Achieve by testing feed samples to maximize livestock production

Advance by formulating a proper feeding program


We pride ourselves on maintaining a turn around time of 3 – 5 working days for routine analysis. Upon completion, results will be available online, by fax, or email. An original of the Laboratory Analysis Reports will follow by mail if requested.


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