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How to Ship your Samples

Feed Samples

Here at Central Testing Laboratory Ltd. we specialize in a variety of analytical services. We have a multitude of packages that analyze livestock feed. We provide grain and feed packages as well as a variety of forage packages

We offer both wet chemistry analysis and Near Infrared Reflectance (NIR) analysis. Wet chemistry is an excellent form of analysis as it accurately measures nutrient content and the procedures are standardized for all nutrient tests. NIR is commonly used to determine the quality of grain products and forages.

Water sampling packages vary from general water quality tests to microbiology testing. The general water quality tests look at the different elements within the water as well as pH, conductivity and hardness. The microbiology water packages test the total coliform, fecal coliform and nitrates.

How to get your samples to Central Testing Laboratory Ltd.

Central Testing Laboratory Ltd. is located in Winnipeg Manitoba, and we accept samples from all across Canada. There are a few different ways in which samples (both feed and water) can be sent to us.

Send your samples via courier or mail. Our address here at the laboratory is;  Unit 9-851 Lagimodiere Blvd. Winnipeg Manitoba R2J 3K4. Central Testing Laboratory Ltd will then complete the majority of analytical tests within the following 3-5 business days of receiving the samples. Results from these tests will be available through this web site, fax, email and mail delivery.

Central Testing Laboratory Ltd. is closely affiliated with most major feed companies across Canada. We also have close ties to nutritionists specializing in livestock.

Why Should You Have Your Feed Tested?

Analyzing feed provides you with more information regarding the quality of feed you are providing your animals. Animal health, grain supplementation and protein intake are all impacted by the quality of feed an animal ingests. By having your feed sampled and analyzed you are able to receive information concerning which  minerals and protein supplements are required in their feed.

Another benefit of having your feed sampled is that you will be able to determine the correct nutrient requirements to maximize animal production. Analyzing feed samples is an economical program that leads to healthier and more productive livestock.

Water sampling is also very important to the health of your livestock. By analyzing the water samples, Central Testing Laboratory Ltd. is able to ensure that the drinking water is safe, and there are no detrimental problems with the water quality.

Sampling and analyzing both feed and water is an important component in ensuring the success and productivity of your livestock. Sending in samples through the Livestock Auction Mart Drop Off Program provides you with an easily accessible way to have you samples tested regularly.

How Often Should you Test?

Every year, at least once, you should have your feed tested. Due to different growing conditions every year, the nutrient content of your feed can vary greatly. The nutrient content may also be affected by the stage of maturity, method of harvest and storage of feed. Processing also has an impact on the nutrients within feed. Due to all these different factors changing annually it is best to sample every year to receive the most information on nutrient values.