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Central Testing FAQ

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What package should I pick?

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  • I’m testing my well water to make sure it’s safe to drink: Choose EC/TC-QT
  • I’m testing my well water for water quality/minerals: Choose 1W
  • I’m going to add pesticides and/or fertilizer to my water to spray on fields: Choose 10W
  • I’m testing my forage to feed beef cattle: Choose 1FF
  • I’m testing my forage for RFV (relative feed value): Choose 2FF
  • I just need to know the nitrate in my forage: Choose 12FF
  • I need to know the nitrate AND the RFV (relative feed value) in my forage: Choose 13FF
  • I’m testing my forage to feed dairy cattle: Choose 2FF
  • I’m testing my forage to feed Horses: Choose 10FF
  • I’m testing my feed for Energy: Choose 1R

Is Central Testing Laboratory an accredited lab?

Yes. We are ISO accredited by the Standard Council of Canada (SCC) (click here) and certified by the National Forage Testing Association (NFTA) (click here).

We are also members of several associations:

We also participate in several proficiency programs:

How do I collect a water sample?

Click here for instructions.

How do I set up an account with you?

We do not require that you set up an account with us prior to you sending samples to us. Just print and fill out our test request form, or fill out one online, and send us your samples! We will contact you by email when we have received your samples.

I have my results, but what do they mean?

We have compiled a collection of government and academic websites and tools that we recommend to help you better understand your results. For further information, consult your nutritionist or veterinarian.

For Forages

For Rations

For Water

Mold, Mycotoxin & Yeast Counts

Food Safety

For Pet Food

I didn’t receive all of my results. Why not?

We send out results by email as they are completed. If one or more is missing it might mean that we are not yet finished and will email it as soon as it is. Also, we send multiple results in one PDF so the results you are looking for might be beyond page 1. You can also login and check on-line to see how far along we are with your samples.

Can I view my results or Invoices on-Line?

Yes you can! Go to our website and click on login. If this is your first time logging in, enter your email and the website will send you a link to set your password. If you are part of a larger company, you may need to contact your administrator to add your email so you can view results and invoices. Contact us and we can let you know who your organization’s administrator is.

How much sample Do you need?

For standard testing we require:

  • Grains and Rations: 250 – 500 grams
  • Forages and Silages: large freezer bag (8″ x 10″) full
  • Water for Micro Testing: 250 ml (sterilized bottle)
  • Water for General Testing: 500 ml
  • Mixer Efficiency Testing: 100-150 grams
  • Rations and Minerals: 100-150 grams
  • TMR: 500 grams

Please contact us if you have less than the required amount. We may still be able to accommodate your testing.

How Do I Get My Samples To You?

You can send your samples to us via Canada Post or Courier (Purolator, Loomis, DHL, etc.). You can also drop them off directly at the lab.  If you can’t make it to the lab during our business hours, we have an after-hours drop off located at the rear of the building. Please note that the after-hours drop off is not appropriate for samples requiring microbiology testing, including water potability, due to uncontrolled conditions. Please include a submission form. You can print one and fill out. Better yet, fill out a submission form On-Line!

Can I fill out a submission form on-line?

Yes! This is our preferred method of sample submission as it expediates sample reception and  reduces any data entry errors on our end. To fill out an on-line submission form, log in or sign in as guest. If you are logging in for the first time or you have forgotten your password, click on “First time signing in or you forgot your password? Click  here to set or reset!” and enter your email.

How Do I Enter an Online Submission?

After you have logged in, click “OnLine Form” and enter details regarding your samples.

A Reference # is a unique number that you provide, and is required to differentiate your submission from others in our system. Choose something meaningful to you. DO NOT use just the date because this can cause a conflict in our system.

The Purchase Order field is optional.

The COMMENT field is optional for information relating to your submission as a whole, not comments for individual samples. An example would be for us to call you for credit card payment.

When entering sample information, the SAMPLE # and CLIENT NAME are for you to distinguish between your samples if you are submitting multiple samples. Choose your sample MATRIX. Enter your sample type in the DESCRIPTION, and specifics like “bin#” or “1st cut” in the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. Enter the testing that you would like us to perform in the TESTS PACKAGE #. For multiple testing on a single sample, add another package in the field that pops up after you enter the first package. To enter more samples, click ADD ANOTHER SAMPLE.

If you have signed in as a guest, fill in the BILL TO fields.

When you are done entering all your sample information read the Terms and Conditions and click that you agree to them. Click that you are not a robot and click submit. Please print and include a copy of the submission with your samples.

I prefer to fill out a paper submission form. How do I do that?

To fill out a manual printed paper copy, tell us who to bill the samples to. Please print clearly, especially if this is the first time you are sending us samples.
The SAMPLE ID and CLIENT NAME are for you to distinguish between samples if you are submitting multiple samples. Write the type of sample in the SAMPLE DESCRIPTION. Please keep in mind that the sample and the paperwork will be separated – sample to the lab and paperwork to the office, so it’s important that the description is written down. Write the testing that you would like us to perform on your sample(s) in the TEST PACKAGE.

If there is anything else that you would like on the final report, or that you need us to know about your sample write it in the COMMENTS. Please refrain from writing in the LAB NO area, that is for lab use only.

When will I get my results?

All laboratory results will be reported within 10 business days of receipt of sample, unless for non-routine tests, which may require extended analysis time. Most routine analysis is available within 3 business days of receipt of sample. You can also login and check on-line to see how far along we are with your samples. We send results by email as they are completed, so it’s very important that we have your current email address! Please print clearly if you are hand writing your submission form. Samples received by the Central Testing Labs Ltd. with incomplete or missing documentation will be held pending receipt of instruction from the client. As a result this may negatively affect the sample turnaround time.

I need my results right away! Do you offer rush service?

We do offer rush services! Because there are so many variables, exactly how fast you get the results for a rush sample will depend on the type of sample, testing required and the capacity of the lab at the time of sample receipt. The cost of rushing a sample is 100% of the testing being rushed which will only be charged if we have completed the analysis ahead of schedule.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept several convenient methods of payment. Please note that we do not release results until payment or credit arrangements have been made. Contact us for more details.

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Credit card
  • Interact
  • PayPal
  • E-Transfer
  • Direct Payment
  • On-line bill payment if you bank with a Credit Union
I have a lot of samples. Can I get a discount?

Discounts are available on an individual basis and will vary based on the type and volume of samples, as well as your required timeline and our capacity. Contact us with your details and requirements.

I don’t agree with the results. Can you retest my sample?

We can retest any analyte on your sample. If the retest result is statistically higher or lower than the original we will reissue the report with the retest result. Please be advised though, that if our retest confirms the original result there will be a nominal retest charge. If the test in question was outsourced however, the retest charge may be significant, regardless of the retest result. Also be advised that we dispose of forage samples after 14 days and all other samples after 30 days. We can not accommodate requests for retests after that time.

I don’t see the test that I want done on your website. Does that mean that you don’t do it?

If you can’t find a test, please contact us. We are open to adding tests. Also, we may have the test, but it’s named differently or not on the website.

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