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Analize Achieve Advance

Why Should you Test your Feed?

  • Analyzing feed provides you with more information regarding the quality of feed you are providing your animals
  • The feed you produce or buy every year is never the same, test to ensure the nutrients levels
  • Formulate a proper ration that meets the nutritional requirements of your livestock
  • Avoid underfeeding or overfeeding
  • Animal health, grain supplementation, protein and vitamin intake are all impacted by the quality of feed an animal ingests
  • Reduce the risk for deficiencies and disease outbreaks
  • Determine the correct nutrient requirements to maximize animal production
  • Increase conception and birth rates
  • Analyzing feed samples is an economical program that leads to healthier and more productive livestock
  • Sampling and analyzing both feed and water is an important component in ensuring the success and productivity of your livestock

Central Testing Laboratory Ltd. recommends you to consult a veterinarian or nutritionist to help you formulate and develop a ration and feeding program that best suits your operation.